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Rayburn, Ginnette
Rayburn, Major J. K.
Section 18
ID # 180012 

In Memory of
Ginnette Rayburn (only “ette” legible)
(Rest of inscription worn away)
Daughter of Maj. Rayburn  

Major J. K. Rayburn
(Inscription totally worn away) 

1908 Plat: J. K. Rayburn & Jinnette Rayburn
      Section 18 Lot 7
      Lot owner Anthony Johnson
Interment Book: 3-26-1849 Ginnette Rayburn, 18
      Daughter of Major Rayburn, New Orleans
    2-5-1854 J.K. Rayburn, 50
Recorded 2005 with Additions (Interment record)

After 2009 Restoration

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