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Obituary Date
Death Date
On Monday night, March 28th
On the 20th instant
In the 34th year of his age
On Sunday night, 23rd instant
On Saturday last
On Monday, the 22nd instant
On Thursday morning, 14th instant
2/22/1842 & 2/24/1842
Aged 17
5/7/1842 & 5/10/1842
On Wednesday night, 4th instant
On Sunday morning, 18th inst.
On Saturday, 30th ult.
An old and highly esteemed citizen
On Monday night, 16th instant
On Thursday, the 10th instant
In the 28th year of his age
On Tuesday night, March 29
Yesterday morning
Aged 42 years
On Saturday last
In the 23rd year of his age
On the 28th instant
An old and eminent physician
On the 1st instant
On the 25th instant
In the 57th year of his age
6/23/1842 & 6/30/1842
On Saturday evening last
On the 2nd instant
Aged 39 days
On Thursday the 8th instant
Of the 12th instant
In the 27th year of his age
On Tuesday, the 6th instant
Saturday, 3rd instant
On Saturday last
Age 17
9/1/1842 & 9/3/1842
On Tuesday morning, 30th ult.
In the nineteenth year of his age
On the 3rd instant
In the 28th year of his age
On the 14th instant
Of about seventeen years of age
On Sunday morning, 29th instant
At an advanced age
On Sunday night, 20th instant
Aged 15 years
On Sunday last
On the 15th 
On the 15th instant
In the 76th year of her age
Saturday morning
In the 74th year of his age
On Saturday last
On the 27th ultimo
Aged 66 years
On Monday night, 21st instant
On Thursday evening last
On Sunday morning, 18th inst.
An Old and much respected citizen
On Sunday morning last
In the 27th year of her age
On the 3rd instant
In his 12th year
8/6/1842 & 8/9/1842
On Friday, 5th instant
10th instant
Yesterday morning
In the 35th year of his age
An Old and much respected citizen
On Tuesday night, 17th instant
On Tuesday
On Monday, 24th instant
Aged 7 years
On Thursday, 4th instant
Age of only fifty-six years
On Friday, 14th instant
In the 18th year of her age
On the 2nd instant
Aged eight years
On Thursday, 30 ultimo
Aged ten years
On Saturday morning 9th inst.
Aged 14

Death Notices From The Whig for 1842

January 22, 1842
Died suddenly last evening, Captain George Sterling Smith, an old and much respected citizen of this vicinity - the father-in-law of A. W. Johnson and Nicholas Hobson, Esqs.

January 22, 1842
Died in this city on the 20th instant, Mr. James Bell of Dumbarton, Scotland, in the 34th year of his age.

January 27, 1842
Died on Monday, 24th instant, Mary Eliza, daughter of Thomas Washington, Esq. - a lovely and interesting child, aged 7 years.

February 15, 1842
Died Thomas James Rawlins (see copy)

February 19, 1842
Died yesterday morning, James Hensley, aged 42 years. The friends and acquaintances of the deceased are invited to attend his funeral this morning at 10 o’clock from the residence of M. S. Pilcher on Summer street. Divine service by Rev. R. B. C. Howell. Masonic fraternity requested to attend.

February 22, 1842
We are pained to announce the death of Mr. James T. Clark, third son of our fellow citizen, James P. Clark, Esq, and a promising student at the University of Nashville, aged 17.

February 22, 1842
Died on the 15th in this vicinity, Mrs. Sarah Moorman, consort of Charles W. Moorman.

February 24, 1842
Tribute to James T. Clark (see copy)

March 1, 1842
Died at the residence of John Nichol, Esq., in this city, on Saturday last, of consumption, Miss Mary M. Bradford of this vicinity.

March 3, 1842 (Thursday)
John Thomas, a colored barber of this town, committed suicide on Tuesday by blowing his brains out with a pistol.

March 5, 1842
OBITUARY: Lewis Williams (see copy)

March 5, 1842
Died at the residence of H. J. Anderson, in this vicinity, on the 1st instant of consumption, Laurens Hull, Jr., Attorney at Law, late of the city of New York and son of the Hon. Laurens Hull of Alleghany county, New York. New York papers please copy.

March 15, 1842
Died, Mr. James Derby Knight (see copy)

March 17, 1842
Died in this city on Thursday night, 10th instant, Edward Saul, bookkeeper, a native of Ireland and a long resident of this city.

March 19, 1842
Died in this county on Thursday, the 10th instant, at the residence of his father, Mr. Tyre
, in the 28th year of his age. He fell a victim to that lingering but fatal disease, the consumption. By his amiability of temperament and kindness of feelings, he was much endeared to his relations and friends. The fortitude and resignation with which he bore his afflictions was evidence that he “leaned not on earth,” but for comfort and consolation relied upon a higher and better source.

March 24, 1842
Died on Monday night, 21st instant, Margaret, second daughter of John Nichol, Esq.

March 24, 1842
Died on Sunday night, 20th instant, of consumption, Fanny, second daughter of Dr. Alexander McCall, aged 15 years.

March 24, 1842
Died on board Steam Boat Cumberland on her last upward trip from New Orleans, Mr. Thomas Davidson, merchant of Pulaski, also of consumption.

March 29, 1842
Died in this vicinity on the 25th instant, Mr. Floyd Hurt, in the 57th year of his age.

April 2, 1842
Died on Monday night, March 28th, Captain Thomas J. Allen, merchant of the house of Allen & Anderson and formerly of the steamboat, Ellen Kirkman.

April 2, 1842
Died on Tuesday night, March 29, Thomas J. Harris, formerly of Pittsburgh.

April 2, 1842 (Saturday)
Died on Thursday evening last, Mr. Josiah D. Nichol, second son of John Nichol, Esq. of this city. He was interred yesterday with the ceremony of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. Most sincerely do we sympathize with the family of the deceased which, in the course of one month, has lost three of its members by the same fatal disease.

April 16, 1842
The Sexton reports 15 interments from the city in the City Burying Ground during the last month; of this number nine died from consumption.

May 7, 1842
Judge William A. Cook, whose death was prematurely announced some weeks ago, as having occurred on his return from a visit to the South, departed this life at his residence in this city on Wednesday night, 4th instant after a lingering illness from pulmonary consumption which he bore with Christian fortitude. Judge Cook was an able member of the bar and an estimable citizen. In his domestic relations, he was eminently distinguished for his amiable temper and exemplary virtues and was endeared to the family circle by uniform and indulgent kindness.

May 10, 1842
Tribute to William A. Cook (see copy)

May 12, 1842
Died in this city on the 3rd instant, in the 28th year of his age, Mr. John Bowman Lynch, eldest son of Dr. Lynch of South Carolina.

May 17, 1842
The Sexton reported the number of interments in the City Burying Grounds during the last month to be 13, five of this number of consumption.

May 19, 1842
Died Mary Jane Smith (See copy)
Theora Jane Handy (See copy)

May 31, 1842
Died on Sunday last at the residence of her father-in-law, N. A. McNairy, Esq., Mrs. Elizabeth
, wife of John N. McNairy, Esq.

May 31, 1842
Died at his residence in Rutherford county, on the 28th instant, Dr. Samuel Hogg, formerly of this city - an old and eminent physician.

May 31, 1842
Died on Sunday morning, 29th instant at the residence of his son, Dr. Robert Martin, at an advanced age, Dr. George Martin. The bodies of Dr. Martin and Dr. Hogg were attended to their graves by a large concourse of citizens and were interred with Masonic honors.

June 2, 1842
Died in this vicinity, on the 27th ultimo, William Neely, Esq., aged 66 years, an old and highly esteemed citizen of Davidson county. Mr. Neely was a native of South Carolina, moved to this country in 1801 and was for many years an Elder in the Presbyterian Church. He was in all respects, a man of sterling worth, though unpretending in his intercourse with his fellow citizens.

June 4, 1842
Died on the 2nd instant, Sarah, infant daughter of Hugh and Ellenora C. Kirkman, aged 39 days.

June 9, 1842
Died at the residence of her brother-in-law, T. Kezer, in this vicinity, on Saturday last, Isabella, daughter of Col. S. H. Laughlin, of McMinnville, age 17.

June 23, 1842 (Thursday)
On Saturday evening last, the body of John [sic] Hutchison, of this city, was found at the head of Robertson's Island. A coroner's inquest was held yesterday. Verdict - murdered by some person or persons unknown.

June 30, 1842
The name of the man whose body was found a few days ago at the head of Robertson's Island, is James Hutchison, not John as before stated. His relatives are said to reside in the neighborhood of Columbia, Kentucky.

July 12, 1842
Died, Louisa Yeatman - (see copy)

July 16, 1842
Died in this city on Thursday morning, 14th instant, Anastasia, second daughter of Thomas Claiborne, Esq.

August 2, 1842
Died at his residence in this county on Saturday, 30th ult., Major William Hadley, an old and highly esteemed citizen of Davidson County.

August 4, 1842
Died at the residence of Mrs. Grundy in this city on the 2nd instant, Elizabeth, daughter of V. P. Winder, Esq. of Louisana, aged eight years.

August 6, 1842
Died at the residence of Henry T. Yeatman, Esq., in this city, on Thursday, 4th instant, Mr. Andrew S. Whitlocke, Book Keeper, a native of Virginia and late of St. Louis.

August 6, 1842
Died at the residence of James Woods, Esq. in this city on Friday, 5th instant, Mr. Joseph W. Robertson, nephew of the Messers. Woods.

August 9, 1842
Tribute of Respect - Joseph W. Robertson (see copy)

August 18, 1842
Died on the 14th instant, at the residence of G. W. Cheatham, Esq., in this city, Edward Marsh, a young man of about seventeen years of age. His relatives live in Alexandria in the state of La.

August 25, 1842
Died on Monday, the 22nd instant, Miss Lucinda Brown, sister of Mr. Berryman H. Brown, of this city.

September 1, 1842
Died Margaret Rawlings (see copy)

September 1, 1842
Died William Henry Lewis (see copy)

September 1, 1842
Died John W. Saunders (see copy)

September 3, 1842
Obituary - William Henry Lewis (see copy)

September 6, 1842
Died Saturday, 3rd instant, Cora Kezer Laughlin, daughter of Samuel Laughlin.

September 6, 1842
Died William Morgan (see copy)

September 10, 1842
Died on Thursday the 8th instant, James Wilson, infant son of James D. and Louise Knight. "As the sweet flower that scents the morn, But withers in the rising day, Thus lovely was the infant's dawn; Thus swiftly fled his life away."

September 20, 1842
Died Capt. John Nichols - (see copy)

September 20, 1842
Died Robert Coulter - (see copy)

October 4, 1842
Died in this city, on Sunday morning last, at 7-1/2 o'clock, Mrs. Catharine Mary Norvell, consort of C.C. Norvell, Esq., Editor of this paper, in the 27th year of her age. In the death of this amiable, intelligent and accomplished lady, a devoted husband and five children and an affectionate mother, have sustained an irreparable loss. Her many virtues, heightened and embellished by the graces of the Christian character, endeared her to a large circle of acquaintance, in whose memory she will long hold a place. Inscrutible are the ways of Providence! But it is not for man to murmur - "The Lord gave and the Lord taketh away." Cut off in the prime of life, in the beauty of womanhood, her disembodied spirit now reposes in the bosom of her Father and her God. Her remains were interred yesterday at 3 o'clock p. m.

October 18, 1842
Died in this city on Friday, 14th instant, Miss Sarah P. Willis, daughter of Mr. William Willis, in the 18th year of her age.

October 20, 1842
Died on the 15th instant in this county, at the residence of David Ralston, Esq., Mrs. Frances Morgan in the 76th year of her age, a native of Fauquier, Virginia.

October 25, 1842
Died on Sunday night, 23rd instant, Mr. Joseph G. Benson, formerly of Philadelphia, brother of Mrs. Sylvanus E. Benson of this city.

November 22, 1842
Fatal Accident - Joseph Hobson (see copy)

December 6, 1842 (Tuesday)
Died at the residence of L. B. Fite, Esq., in this city on Saturday last, Mrs. Winnifred Moores.

December 8, 1842
Died in this city on Tuesday, the 6th instant, Mrs. James D. Knight. Funeral service this morning at 10 o'clock at the Episcopal Church.

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