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Name Obituary Date Death Date Age
Allen, Theodore F. 3/21/1848 3/18/1848 aged three years and five months
Armstrong, Miss Susan W. 8/31/1848 8/30/1848 in the 20th year of her age
Bledsoe, Mrs. George Ann 5/27/1848    
Bryan, Mrs. Mary Macon 5/23/1848 5/20/1848  
Caldwell, Mrs. Phebe 3/18/1848 3/17/1848 aged 71 years
Cameron, Alzira 8/31/1848 8/27/1848  
Campbell, Hon. G. W. 2/19/1848 2/17/1848 at a very advanced age
Carroll, Mrs. C. 9/19/1848 9/12/1848  
Dickinson, Mrs. C. R. 3/16/1848 on Sun. last  
Dittmore, Emma Elizabeth 3/16/1848 2/24/1848 aged 15 months
Dittmore, Mr. Jacob 3/16/1848 2/25/1848 aged 43 years
Dorris, John I 6/27/1848    
Fischel, Sarah 5/25/1848 Sunday morn. last  
Fogg, Francis B. Jr. Esq. 2/15/1848 2/12/1848 in the 23rd year of his age
Gilliam, Mrs. John Wesley 6/13/1848 6/12/1848 20th year
Hay, Mrs. Sarah 11/21/1848 11/19/1848 aged 41 years, 6 months and 9 days
Hemphill, Miss Esther 6/17/1848    
Henson, Mrs. Sarah 8/12/1848 8/10/1848?  
Manning, Mrs. Elizabeth G. 7/18/1848 7/16/1848 in the 42nd year of her age
McCown, Alex Sr. 3/16/1848 3/11/1848 in the 60th year of his age
McIntosh, Mrs. Sarah 8/10/1848 8/9/1848  
McLaughlin, James 3/21/1848    
Monroe, Mr. Lovis F. 9/5/1848 9/4/1848 in the 49th year of his age
Munroe, John L. 1/20/1848 1/12/1848 in the 21st year of his age
Murden, Mrs. Jeanette 5/25/1848 5/24/1848 aged 23 years
Parsons, Mrs. Alsenia J. B. 6/17/1848 6/15/1848  
Payne, Reuben Walter 2/12/1848    
Percy, Mrs. Mary Ann Henrietta 12/16/1848    
Reid, Letitia 12/14/1848 12/13/1848 infant daughter
Sharpe, Benjamin 6/6/1848    
Sheppard, Harper 5/27/1848 5/24/1848 3 years and 24 days
Sheppard, Mary Elizabeth 6/8/1848 6/7/1848 about 9 years
Smith, Henry C. 1/22/1848 1/19/1848 aged two years, three months and thirteen days
Turner, Major Robert B. 6/8/1848 6/7/1848  
Willis, J. Mortimer 1/18/1848    
Wilson, Col. George 11/14/1848 11/10/1848  

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The Nashville Whig
Tuesday, June 6, 1848

"THE LATE BENJ. SHARPE, Esq. It may seem out of place at this late hour, to employ the pen of eulogy even upon the character and merits of one so estimable as the deceased friend and subject of these remarks. But justice to the memory of one, esteemed and beloved by all, will excuse the lateness of the hour in which a friend may recur to the scene of dissolution of spirit and body, that marked the Eternal destiny of an upright sojourner on earth. Allied by close native, local proximity, and subsequently, far from thence, by a friendly and familiar intercourse until the day of his lamented departure, to commemorate his worth, 'tis but a tribute due to himself, and the many endearments, present and remote, which he was associated.

The subject of this imperfect encomium was born on the 21st of February 1800, in Philadelphia, in the State of Pennsylvania. At the age of about twenty-five years he came to Nashville in the year 1825, where, as the result of exemplary deportment and correct business habits, he soon commanded the respect and confidence of all, and was soon entrusted with much of the interests of the opulent, influential and business portion of this community, to which a faithful devotion of his time and talent was unswervingly given. Affable and agreeable in his intercourse with all men, he was in the year 1842 elected one of the Justices of the Peace for Davidson county, the duties of which office he discharged to his own credit and the satisfaction and approval of all concerned. He was again re-elected in 1848 almost by acclamation, and a short time before the sad intelligence of his untimely end had reached the ears of his distressed family and many friends.

In the hour of earthly prosperity, prospects and usefulness, he has been stricken down by the fell hand of death, and his spirit has ascended to that "source from whence no traveller returns." Truly are the ways of Providence inscrutable, and his works surpassing human comprehension.


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