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Hall, Sophia W.
Hall, Elihu W.
Section 25.1
ID # 250073

Sophia W. Hall
Wife of Elihu S. Hall
Elihu W. Hall
Son of Sophia & Elihu S. Hall

Epitaphs are illegible on sides of Monument

1908 Plat: Section 25 WP Lot 22
       Sophia W. Hall 1790-1816
       Elihu W. Hall 1813-1815
1909 List: Sophia W. & Elihu W. Hall
       Section 25 WP Lot 22
       Lot owner: Elihu S. Hall
Smith (1908): Sophia W. Hall 1790-1816
       Elihu W. Hall 1813-1816
Garrett (1971): Same as Smith (1908)

Davidson County Marriage Record
       Elihu S. Hall and Sophia W. Talbot
       January 11, 1808

Sophia Western Talbot was a daughter of
       Thomas Talbot
See Thomas Talbot Cemetery

Survey Visit: 5-6-2015

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