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Ritter, John Henry
Section 32
ID # 320008 *
(* 1908 Section 29)

John Henry
Son of
T. K. & L. E. Ritter
March 23, 186 (broken off)
Feb. 13, 1866

Interment Book: 2-14-1866 Infant Male
          Child of T. K. Ritter
          Buried on Sam Starkey's Lot
Recorded 2006
Re-visited After Restoration 2009

Samuel Starkey Lot

Lot 45 was purchased in Section 29 by Samuel Starkey on November 2, 1859 & enlarged with the purchase of Lot 46 on July 5, 1862. Interment Books reported 17 burials on Samuel Starkey's lots between 1859 -1888. On the 1908 Plat of Sections and Lots,"S. Starkey" was marked on Lot 45. The adjoining lot was identified as Lot 46. The tombstone for "J.H. Ritter" was marked in Lot 46.

Survey in 2005. J. H. Ritter's fallen tombstone was located in Section 32. During Restoration in 2008,the tombstone was re-set.It would appear that the original location of John Henry Ritter's tombstone was in Section 29 Lot 46.

Updated report March 2013

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After 2008 Restoration

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