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Rutledge, Septima S
Rutledge, Arthur Middleton
Rutledge, Henry Middleton
Section 4
ID # 40065 

Septima S. Rutledge
Wife of
Henry M. Rutledge
Daughter of
Arthur Middleton of S.C.
One of the Signers of the Declaration
Of Independence
Oct. 15, 1783
June 12, 1865 

Arthur Middleton Rutledge
Died at Sewanee, Tenn.
June 17, 1876
In his 59th Year of His Age 

Henry Middleton Rutledge
Only Son of
Edward Rutledge
South Carolina
A Signer of the Declaration of Independence
Born in Charleston
April 5, 1775
Died Jan. 20, 1844 

1908 Plat: Henry M. Rutledge Died 1844
                Septima S. Rutledge Died 1865
                Section 4 Lot 4
1909 List: Lot owner S.S.M. Rutledge
Interment Index: 6-19-1876 Arthur M. Rutledge
                       6-15-1865 Mrs. S. M. Rutladge
Garrett: Same as Recorded 2005


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