On May 24, 2016, Fletch Coke led the NCCA Board on one of her famous “walk-abouts” at City Cemetery.  Fletch encouraged us all to keep learning about the people buried in NCC.  She handed us our “take home assignments” which included  the names of seven (7) individuals . Fletch reminded us that to view Tombstone Pages and Links for all those individuals buried in NCC,  go to our website at www.thenashvillecitycemetery.org and  click-on INSCRIPTIONS in the heading on the home page. When the index comes up, click-on letter of surname.
We invite everyone reading to complete this assignment. The seven people are:

Hume, Rev. William
Roberston, James
Roberston, Dr. Felix
Robertson, Jonathan
Merry Family Memorial Marker
Brady, Angeline