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Penitentiary Inmates Buried at City Cemetery

These burials below have finally received wooden markers. For information on that Project, CLICK HERE, and for an account of John Hill, a contemporary of these men and survivor of his time in the penitentiary, CLICK HERE

penitentiary markers

Penitentiary Cholera Victims 1833

Penetentiary 1833 Cholera Victims

Nineteen victims of the June 1833 Cholera Epidemic were inmates in the State Penitentiary. Their names and counties of residence prior to incarceration were listed in Nashville Republican and State Gazette, Friday, July 5, 1833. This announcement was placed in the newspaper to alert their family and friends of their deaths. The Sexton also reported in this newspaper that nineteen Penitentiary victims of Cholera had been buried in the City Cemetery during June 1833. In 2011, Gerald Moore, descendant of Hugh Moore, one of the inmates who died of Cholera, met with Fletch Coke and Fred Zahn at City Cemetery. Four years later Gerald Moore asked if the graves could be marked. The wooden markers project was successfully undertaken and completed during the summer of 2016.

Names of the inmates. (19 Wooden Markers placed, during the summer of 2016, at City Cemetery in memory of these prisoners-see above). See a copy of the Nashville Republican and State Gazette, Friday, July 5, 1833, which listed their names and counties of residence prior to incarceration.

Inmates' Names 1831 – 1870
These indexes have been made available on the Tennessee State Library & Archives website. Google Tennessee State Library & Archives. When the TSLA website comes up, enter in the search engine ~~

Inmates of the Tennessee State Penitentiary 1831 – 1850
Inmates of the Tennessee State Penitentiary 1850 – 1871
State Prison Records 1831 – 1892

Penitentiary in 1831
Penitentiary - 1831 - Courtesy TSLA
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The records of various early years trace the relationship of the Nashville City Cemetery to the inmates of the Penitentiary, located on Church Street at Stonewall Avenue (present-day 15th Avenue), near where Baptist Hospital now stands. These records have been provided to us courtesy of the Tennessee State Library and Archives.

masthead from Repulican and Gazette from July 5, 1833

Article on inmates that died of Cholera

Penitentiary Records for 1831-33

Penitentiary Record for 1835-37

1835-37 Record from TN Penitentiary
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Deaths September 30, 1839 to September 30, 1841
Zechariah Herrill Claiborne - Died July 19, 1841
(volume too tightly bound to copy)

Penitentiary Records for 1843-45

Penitentiary Records for 1845-47

Penitentiary Records for 1849-51

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