Thomas Edmondson – Tombstone Inscription

Edmondson, Thomas
Section 1

ID #10015

Thomas Edmondson
Born in Winchester, Va. 
Died at Columbia on March 27, 1851/1852
Age 62

Inscription worn away


1908 Plat: Thomas Edmondson
1909 List: Thomas Edmondson
      Section 1 Lot 14
      Lot Owner: Jas. Edmondson
Smith (1908): Thomas Edmondson
Garrett (1971): Thomas Edmondson
      Born in Winchester, Va. 
      Died at Columbia on March 27, 1851
      Age 62

Interment: 4-28-1852
      Thomas Edmondson
      Buried on Willow No Age listed
      Remains from Columbia
      Note: Death year differs between Inscription
         and the Interment Book listing

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