Mary F., Francis E., Susan, and Our Mother Oney – Tombstone Inscription

Oney, Mary F.
Oney, Francis E.
Oney, Susan D.
Oney, Our Mother (Mary M. Oney)
Section 11.2
ID # 110147

Mary F. Oney
June 1873
18 Mo.

Francis E. Oney
Nov. 1877
Aged 3 Mo.

Our Mother
Nov. 4, 1879
Having Passed
Forty One Years
On Earth

Susan D. Oney
Dec. 29, 1891
23 Years

1908 Plat: Oney family members
Oney, Mary D. & Francis E.
       Our Mother & Susan D.
Section 11 EP Lot 21
Lot owner Jno. Porterfield
Smith (1908): Same as recorded 2014
Interment Book: Porterfield Lot Oak (avenue)
June 20, 1873 Infant of Dr. J. H. Oney
April 23, 1881 Oney, Mary M. 42 years
       Note: Died in 1879 on Tombstone
       Interment Book: Died in Carthage.
       Burial at City Cemetery 1881
Dec. 31, 1891 Oney, Miss Susan D.
       23 Years Dau. Of Dr. Oney

U.S. Census 1870 Davidson Co., TN.
       J.H. Oney, Physician 37
       Mary Oney Wife 32
       Susan 2 Years
       Mary 8 Months

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