Dr. Thomas Wells – Tombstone Inscription

Wells, Thomas, Dr.
Section 11.1
ID # 110234

Dr. Thomas Wells
Died 1868

Base only. No Inscription

1908 Plat: Section 11 Lot 31
       Lot Owner: Dr. Thos. Wells
       Eliza Wells (1808-1830)
       & Elizabeth Wells (1820-1856)
       (not Dr. Wells)
1909 List: Eliza & Elizabeth Wells
       Section 11 WP Lot 31
Lot Card: Lot bought 1843
       by Dr. Wells. Shown on
       Lot: Eliza, Elizabeth H. Wells,
       Thomas Wells and
       Thomas Wells White
       Died 1928 # 110235

Interment Book: 1868
       October 16, 1868
       Dr. Thomas Wells
       73 Years Mulberry (avenue)
       Died in Louisville, Ky.

Note: Base of large monument similar in style to base of large monument for Eliza & Elizabeth Wells See # 110236

Probable that this base is remnant of Original monument to Dr. Thomas Wells which was not intact in 1908.

Survey Visit: August 8, 2014

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After 2009 Restoration

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