Mary A. (Dally) Wharton – Tombstone Inscriptions

Wharton, Mary Dally
Section 11.1
ID # 110246

Mary Dally Wharton
Second Wife of
Wm. H. Wharton
Born in Pa.
Died July 19, 1880
Nashville, Tn.
Age 71 Years

Erected 2016

No tombstones were identified for W.H. Wharton, Mary A. Wharton, or her nephew Joseph Dally Foltz on the Wharton lot, Section 11 WP Lot 33, during the Survey of Sections, Lots, and Tombstone Inscriptions by F.R.R. Smith in 1908.

Interment: July 19, 1880
       Mary A. Whorton (sic) 71 Years
       Mulberry avenue
       On Whorton (sic) lot

Davidson Co. Marriages July 3, 1849. W.H. Wharton & Mary Ann Dally

J.D. Foltz 33 Years January 8, 1880 (TN. Death Records 1872-1923) [U.S. Census 1850 Davidson Co., Jos. D. in W.D. Wharton houshold, was 4 years old]
Mary A. Wharton 71 Years July 19, 1880 (TN. Death Records 1874-1955)

Davidson County Will Book 36 Page 75. Jan. 25, 1881 Will of Mary A. Wharton “… I also desire neat tombstones neither common or very expensive erected over my grave & over the grave of my deceased nephew Joseph Dally Foltz. And I further desire that enough be set aside out of the funds of my Estate by my Executor amounting to ten dollars per year to keep my half of the lot at City Cemetery in order…”
Replacement Tombstones for Dr./Rev./State Librarian William H. Wharton 2015.

Prepared by Fletch Coke 10-7-2016

Daily American, Tuesday, July 20, 1880. The Late Mrs. Mary A. Wharton
    “The members of the Protestant Orphan Association will attend the funeral of the late Mrs. Mary A. Wharton at the First Presbyterian Church to-day, in a body. They will meet in the basement of the church preparatory to entering the church. Mrs. Wharton was President of the association and willed $100 to its benefit.”

See Replacement Tombstone for Mary Wharton’s nephew Joseph Dally Foltz, ID # 110247.

Report: September 3, 2017

Additional information for William H. Wharton, Mary Dally Wharton and Joseph Dally Foltz

Tombstone of Mary Dally Wharton
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