John B. West – Tombstone Inscriptions

West, John B.
Section 11.1
ID # 110248

John B. West
Son of Edward
& Sarah West
Born 1786
Lexington, Ky.
Died June 1868
Nashville, Tn.

Erected 2016

Interment: June 29, 1868
       John B. West
       78 Years Male White
       Residence: City
       Buried near Oak avenue
       Woods lot

No tombstone was located on the Woods lot, (Section 11.1 Lot 41) for John B. West during the 1908 Survey of Sections, Lots, and Tombstone Inscriptions by F.R.R. Smith.

       Woods lot is located in Section 11.1 (11 WP Lot 41). Original tombstones in this lot were placed for Woods and West family members. A Replacement Tombstone for Jane West Woods, Mrs. Joseph Woods, sister of John B. West, was erected in 2015. There s an original box tomb for John’s brother, William E. West, the artist.The woods lot was purchased in September 1843 by Joseph Woods.
       John B. West’s wife Jane died in 1828. She was buried on the McKeon lot in Section 28 NE Lot 44. Her tombstone was recorded in the 1908 Survey which read “J.C. West 1790-1828.” According to Sarah Armistead, West-Woods family historian, John B. West was born in Lexington, Ky. in 1786. He married Jane Chapman Murdock on July 30, 1812, in Lexington. They had six children. Jane’s last child was born in 1827 and she died the next year. Her obituary read: “April 26, 1828, Died in this town on Friday, April 18, 1828, Mrs. Jane West, wife of John B. West.”
       In 1857 Nashville City Directory, John B. West was listed as dealer of music and musical instruments. In a local newspaper, John B. West advertised Piano Fortes for sale. He sold a piano forte to Andrew Jackson for his granddaughter Rachel which remains at the Hermitage in the parlor today.

Prepared by Fletch Coke 10-7-2016

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Tombstone of John B. West
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