William H. Wharton – Tombstone Inscriptions

Wharton, William H.
Section 11.1
ID # 110249

William H.
Born July 10, 1797
Albermarle County, Va.
Died May 8, 1871
Nashville, Tn.
State Librarian

Erected 2015

No tombstones were identified for William H. Wharton or his second wife Mary A. Wharton or her nephew Joseph Dally Wharton on the Wharton lot, Section 11 WP (11.1) Lot 33 during the Survey in 1908 of Sections, Lots, and Tombstones
by F.R.R. Smith, Engineer.

Rev. William H. Wharton purchased a lot in City Cemetery on April 22, 1844. He had married Priscilla Jane Dickson, daughter of Michael Dickson, ID # 110032, in Tuscumbia, Alabama, August 16, 1823. Priscilla Jane,
ID # 110030, died in 1847. Several of their children have tombstones in Section 11.1 Lot 33 Wharton lot. Priscilla Jane’s father William Dickson, ID # 110032 died in 1859 while visiting Dr. Wharton and was buried at City Cemetery.

Davidson County, TN. Marriages July 3, 1849. W.H. Wharton and Mary Ann Dally. Her first husband Joseph G. Dally, ID # 110067, was buried in 1843 at City Cemetery.

U.S. Census 1870 Davidson County, TN. W.H. Wharton 73 Born in Virginia. Tennessee State Librarian; Mary A. Wharton 60 Born in Pa. Personal estate $3,000.

William H. Wharton served as State Librarian from 1869 to 1871. He was the sixth State Librarian, the first having been appointed in 1854. (TSLA website)

Davidson County, TN. Will Book 21. Page 766. Recorded June 28, 1871.

Obituary for William H. Wharton

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Additional information for William H. Wharton, Mary Dally Wharton and Joseph Dally Foltz

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