Wharton & Daily – Tombstone Inscription

SECTION 11.1 (11 WP) Lot 33

No Tombstones in 2015

No tombstones for William H. Wharton, his second wife Mary Dally Wharton or Mary’s nephew Joseph Dally Foltz were located on the Wharton lot during the first survey of Sections, Lots and Tombstone Inscriptions in 1908. Investigation will be made of the lot to determine whether there might be tombstones broken and underground. If tombstone fragments are not located then Replacement Tombstones should be considered.

Davidson County Marriage July 3, 1849
W. H. Wharton & Mary Ann Dally

Joseph G. Dally, Mary’s first husband, died in 1843 and was buried in City Cemetery.
See Dally, Joseph G.
Wm. H. Wharton’s first wife died in 1847 and was buried in City Cemetery.
See Wharton, Priscilla Jane

Rev. William H. Wharton had purchased a lot in City Cemetery on April 22, 1844. His first wife Priscilla and some of their children were buried and have tombstones on this lot on Mulberry.

U.S. Census 1870 Davidson County, Tn.
W. H. Wharton 73 Born in Virginia State Librarian
Mary A. Wharton 60 Born in Pa. Personal estate $3,000

William H. Wharton served as State Librarian from 1869 to 1871. He was the sixth State Librarian, the first having been appointed in 1854. [TSLA website]

Interment Book: June 4, 1871 (date on transcript & original burial record)
Dr. Whorton [sic] Male White Resident: City

Nashville Republican Banner, May 9, 1871
“There is hardly a man or woman in Nashville but will lament the death of Dr. William H. Wharton. After a lingering illness of several months duration, he expired at a quarter of 6 o’clock yesterday afternoon, May 8th, in his seventy-fifth year. Dr. Wharton was born in Albemarle County, Virginia, on July 10, 1797. He came to Tennessee when quite a youth and obtained a common school education. He returned to his native state at the age of 15 years where he was classically educated. He studied medicine under his uncle, Dabney Wharton, and graduated in Philadelphia in 1818. From this time until prevented by old age, he practiced his profession. He at one time engaged in the drug business in Huntsville, Alabama, and in Tuscumbia in that state, was married to Miss Priscilla Dickson, after which he returned to Nashville in the year 1841, having been chosen pastor of the Christian Church, which position he filled for several years, both preaching and attending to the duties of his profession as a physician. Such was the manner of his life. About the beginning of the war he was chaplain at the penitentiary for one or two years. He was elected State Librarian by the last General Assembly, which office he held at the time of his death. He was the father of nine children by his first wife, after whose death he married Mrs. Mary A. Dally. The physicians of the city are requested to meet in the office of Dr. Paul F. Eve, at 3 o’clock this P.M. to pay their respects to the lamented dead.”

Davidson County Will Book 21, page 766. William H. Wharton’s will was recorded on June 29, 1871. The will was written on April 21, 1871.

Interment Book: July 19, 1880
Mary A. Whorton [sic] 71 years Resident: City Mulberry avenue Grave on Whorton [sic] lot

Tennessee Death Records 1874-1955
July 19, 1880 Mary A. Wharton 71 Years Widowed Resident: Ward 10

Davidson County Will. Mary A. Wharton wrote her will July 14, 1880. The will was recorded in Will Book 36, Page 75 on Jany. 25, 1881.
The 1st Item in her will: “I desire that all debts contracted by me and also my funeral expenses shall be paid. And I also desire neat tombstones neither common or very expensive erected over my own grave & over the grave of my deceased nephew Joseph Dally Foltz. And I further desire that enough be set aside out of the funds of my Estate by my Executor amounting to ten dollars per year to keep my half of the lot – at the City Cemetery in order…”
Mrs. Wharton left bequests to her Wharton family kin and to her “blood relatives” in Pittsburgh.” Her stepson William H. Wharton of Nashville, Tennessee, was to serve as the sole executor of her will.

U.S. Census 1850 Davidson County, Tn.
Household of W. H. Wharton 54
Mary 39 Five children named Wharton
Jos. D. Foulty [sic] Aged 4 years
Priscilla Theuret Aged 3 years

Tennessee Death Records 1872-1923
J. D. Foltz Aged 33 years Died January 8, 1880

City Cemetery Interment Book
Burial January 8, 1880
J.D. Foltz Mulberry avenue
Box paid, in Wharton lot

On Wharton Lot Section 11.1 (11 WP Lot 33 are three unmarked graves:
William H. Wharton Mary Dally Wharton Joseph Dally Foltz.

Prepared by Fletch Coke 6-2-2015