General William Carroll – Tombstone Inscription

Carroll, General/Governor William
Section 12
ID # 120016

To the Memory of
General William Carroll
Born in Pennsylvania
March 3rd, 1788
Died March 22nd 1844

West side of monument:

To the memory of
General William Carroll
Born in Pennsylvania
March 3, 1788
Died March 22, 1844
He was distinguished in the Battles
of Talladega, Emuckfaw
Enotochopco, Tohopeka
and New Orleans
And was
Chief Magistrate of Tennessee for
twelve successive years.

South side of monument:

As a gentleman, he was
modest, intelligent and courteous.
As an Officer energetic, gallant and daring.
As a Statesman
firm, wise and just.
To commemorate her estimation
of his character and services
the State of Tennessee has
caused this monument
to be erected.

1908 Plat: Gov. Wm. Carroll 1788-1844
Section 12 Lot 6
1909 List: Lot owner State of Tennessee
Recorded 2005 with Additions (Garrett)

Biography for General/Governor William Carroll


CLICK HERE for 1845 Resolution for a
“suitable and appropriate monument,
with an inscription appropriate to his memory.”
Courtesy of Tennessee State Library and Archives

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Before Removal of Old Marker

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After 2009 Restoration

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William Carroll State Marker
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