Ann C. and Tery H. Cahal – Tombstone Inscription


Cahal, Ann C.
Cahal, Terry H.
Section 15.2
ID # 150091 

Ann C. Cahal
Wife of
Terry H. Cahal
Died 2 July
Aged 40 years 

Terry H. Cahal
Born in the State of
September 4th 1802
Died near Nashville Tennessee
April 15th 1851 

A Member of the last State Convention.
Twice a Senator to our General Assembly
& once Speaker of that body.
He was Second in Command of a Volunteer Regiment
in the First Florida War
& being afterwards elected Chancellor
of Tennessee.
He died discharging the duties
of his exalted station. 

Endowed by Nature with great talents and
gifted with ambition equal to these powers.
Though born to want & obscurity
he triumphed over every disadvantage
and rising in honorary career
to eminence & high distinction.
He adorned & illustrated his life
by all the success which genius
added to virtue, courage & perseverance
never fails to achieve. 

1908 Plat: Terry H. Cahal 1802-1851
                Annie Cahal  Died 1855
                Section 15B Lot 45
1909 List: Lot owner Miss A.C. Cahal
Interment Book: 4-16-1851 T.H. Cahal
                  7-4-1855 Mrs. Ann C. Cahal
                  Wife of Judge Cahal
 Smith 1908: Same as Recorded 2005
    except Smith did not list the Epitaph

First Seminole War
Lieutenant Colonel. Tennessee Volunteers. General Anderson
Source: Fold3 Military Service Records

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