Lorena Frensley – Tombstone Inscription

Frensley, Lorena
Section 15.2
ID #150131

Lorena Frensley
Infant daughter of
T. & L. Frensley

Inscription partially legible

1908 Plat: Lorena
               Infant daughter of T. & L. Frensley
1909 List: Lorena Frensley
              Section 15-b Lot 27
              Lot Owner: David Read et al. 
Smith (1908): Lorena Frensley
Garrett (1971): Lorena Frensley
       Infant dau. of T. and L. Frensley

Interment Book: 4-21-1891
                       Infant Daughter
                       Buried on Central
                       Child of Thos. Frensley, Read Lot

Survey Visit: 7-8-2015