Kelly – Tombstone Inscriptions

Kelly, Patrick Benjamin &
Kelly, Mary Jane Blankenship
Section 15.2
ID # 150169


Patrick Benjamin Kelly
Born 1822 in Ireland
Died May 1, 1883
His Wife
Mary Jane Blankenship
Born 1827 in Tennessee
Died August 28, 1876

Erected 2012

City Cemetery Lot Cards:
    Section 15 Lot 45  Size 10 x 30
    Purchased by P. B. Kelly  May 24, 1858
1908 Plat. No tombstones were shown on Plat
Smith (1908) No tombstones with inscriptions
Interment Book:
    Mrs. M.J. Kelly. August 28, 1876
    Patrick B. Kelley May 2, 1883   
    Grave on P. B. Kelly lot

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Obituary for Patrick B. Kelly
Daily American, May 2, 1883

Kelly Newspaper Obituary


Family connections provided by Sarah Armistead in 2012

Seven family members were buried in Section 15 Lot 45.
Patrick B. Kelly (1883); his wife Mary Jane Blankenship Kelly (1876)
Mary Jane’s parents:
Naomi Blankenship (1873) & M. L. Blankenship (1873)
Mary Jane’s brother’s wife:
Mrs. O. A. Blankenship (1871) & her infant (1871)
[her husband was Thomas. Her maiden name was Ora Ann Asgood]
Mary Jane’s brother’s child
Infant of P. M. Blankenship (1874) [child of Peter & Laura]

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