M.T./W.T.Wheeless- Tombstone Inscription

Wheeless, W. T.
Section 17
ID # 170039

M. T./W. T. Wheeless
Inscription worn away

1908 Plat: W. T. Wheeless 1847-1908
       Section 17 Lot 7
       Lot owner: M. F. Wheeless
       5 markers identified on the lot (1908)
1909 List: M. T. Wheeless
Section 17 Lot 7
       Lot owner: M. F. Wheeless
Interment Book: 8-2-1908 M. T. Wheless Age 61
       Circle avenue. Grave on Wheless lot
Smith (1908) & Garrett: W. T. Wheeless 1847-1908
Note: The initials are listed as M.T. and W.T. in the
        City Cemetery records
In 2005 nor after restoration in 2009 could an
inscription be recorded from this tombstone.
Update Report: 2-1-2010

After 2009 Restoration

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