Toy Holman – Tombstone Inscription

Holman, Toy
Section 19
ID # 190038

Miss Toy Holman
Daughter of
Jas. & Clementina Holman

Interment Book: 1-23-1912 Z. Toy Holman
        70 Years
        Removed from Mt. Olivet Cemetery
        Grave on Holman & Turner lot, near Circle
        Between Walnut & Locust
Lot Cards: Holman & Turner, lot owners
        Section 19E Lot 22
Interment Book: 7-5-1892
        Mrs. Clem H. Holman 83 Years
        Wife of Jas. Holman, dec.
        Turner lot
        Between Locust & Walnut
Garrett (1971): James T. Holman
        Born Prince Edward County, Va.
        Feb. 20, 1802-Feb. 16, 1839

        Miss Toy Holman 1839-1911
          Daughter of Jas. & Clementia Holman

Recorded 2005 Toy Holman’s mother’s name illegible

After 2009 Restoration Toy Holman’s mother’s name legible

Report April 2013

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After 2009 Restoration
Restored Tombstone
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