Eliza Plummer – Tombstone Inscriptions

Plummer, Eliza, Mrs.
Section 20
ID # 200070

Mrs. Eliza Plummer

1908 Plat: Mrs. Eliza Plummer
       Section 20 EP Lot 20
1909 List: Mrs. Eliza Plummer
        Section 20 EP Lot 20
       Lot owner J.R. Plummer
Smith (1908): Mrs. Eliza Plummer
Garrett (1971):
       Same as Smith (1908)
Interment Book: September 1, 1889
       Mrs. E.G. Plummer 68 Years
       Walnut avenue
       Wife of J.R. Plummer (dec.)

Note: In 2005, the photo of the
footstone of E.P. showed the headstone,
in the background, which was broken. After
restoration the headstone, in 2009 photograph,
can be seen re-set. A large headstone and
footstone were probably for Mrs. Plummer –
not for the infant Erle Plummer (1876-1877)
listed in Garrett (1971) and in Interment Book
Sept. 6, 1877 Walnut avenue Son of K.R. Plummer.

Tombstone Research Data on Names and Dates: 2016

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