John Waters, Ann Rawings Williams, Malvina Bass Williams, Eunice Healey Waters – Tombstone Inscription

Waters, John, M. D.
Williams, Ann Rawlings Waters

Waters, Malvina Bass
Waters, Eunice Healey
Section 2
ID # 20022


John Waters, M. D.
1794 � 1867

His Wife
Ann Rawlings Williams
1826 � 1910

Malvina Bass Waters
Daughter of
John & Ann R. W.
1847 -1860* 

To the Memory of
Eunice Healey
A Native of Massachusetts
Wife of
John Waters, M. D.
Nashville, Tennessee
June 30th 1844

1908 Plat: Eunice Healy Waters Died 1844
               Section 2 Lot 9
1909 List: Lot owner Dr. John Waters
Interment Index: 3-6-1868 Dr. John Waters
Interment Book: 2-18-1859 Mallie B. Waters
Garrett: Same as Recorded 2005
Re-checked 1-8-2009. Tombstone inscribed �1860�

Research Update: 1-12-009

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After 2009 Restoration

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Dr. John Waters Obituaryenlarge obituary image

The Republican Banner (Nashville, TN), Wed 15 May 1867, page 1:
Tribute of Respect to an Old Citizen of Nashville
[From the medical Journal for May]

We copy the following obituary notice of a former eminent medical man of this city from an Arkansas paper:

“Died, on the 10th of February, 1867, at his residence in Arkansas, Doctor John Waters.

“He was a native of Maryland and a citizen of Tennessee and Arkansas. He was a graduate of the Nashville University and the Baltimore Medical School. After the completion of his education, he joined Dr. Felix Robertson in the practice of his profession in the town of Nashville. By educated intellect, scientific skill, and pleasing manner, he rose to eminence in his profession, which led to fortune. He was the last of that galaxy of talent and attainment, which left its impress upon the country, embracing Newman, Roane, Hogg, McNairy, Robertson, Shelby and McCall. Among these he was a peer. They are no more. As a husband he was kind and affectionate. He has left but one child to mourn with his afflicted mother this irreparable loss. A dark gloom of grief spreads its uncheerful shade over a large family circle, who loved, respected and admired the deceased. More than thirty years ago he resolved to engage in cotton growing, and, after careful examination, selected the residence where he died – eighteen miles below Pine Bluff, which he enlarged, adorned and improved, until it became one of the finest cotton estates in all the South. In this location he evinced great judgment and forecast. In social intercourse he was unequalled in general politeness. His labors are closed. Peace to his ashes! He was a good man.  -B.”

To this just tribute to the memory of Dr. Waters, we append what follows, at the suggestion of a medical man, his junior in practice, who enjoyed, however, ample opportunities to form a correct estimate of his character and capacity.

Doctor Waters, though, as above stated, a popular and successful physician, owed his high standing in the estimation of his profession chiefly to his remarkable skill in the treatment of diseases requiring manual interference. So long as he continued in active practice, he was without a rival amongst his associates in the management of difficult cases of Obstetrics and Surgery. Dr. Roane, named above as one of his contemporaries, having been himself a student of the late Prof. Mott, was heard to remark of the deceased, that he manifested all the coolness, intrepidity, dexterity and readiness and fertility of expedient of that distinguished surgeon, and might establish the same reputation, if he had a similar field for experience, and as large a theatre for the exhibition of his talents.

Mrs. B.D. Williams Obituary

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Nashville Tennessean and The Nashville American, Sat, 22 Oct 1910, pg 12:
Remains of Felix Grundy’s Granddaughter Interred in City Cemetery.

The funeral of Mrs. B.D. Williams, who died Wednesday at Little Rock, was held at the city cemetery here early yesterday morning, the remains being interred beside those of her first husband, Dr. John W. Waters.

Mrs. Williams’ death was almost without warning. Rising in good health in the morning, she was seized with a sinking spell about noon and died the same afternoon. She was a member of one of the older and most prominent families in this state, being the granddaughter of Felix Grundy, whose name is linked with the golden age of Tennessee. She was born eighty-two years ago, her maiden name being Annie Rawlings, and was reared in the family of the late John M. Bass of this city. In 1848 she married Dr. John W. Waters, who was physician to Gen. Stonewall Jackson during the civil war. Dr. Waters died in 1867 and with her son, John W. Waters, Jr., his widow moved to Little Rock, Ark., ten years later. In 1874 she married Col. B.D. Williams, one of the best-known attorneys of Arkansas. Since his death Mrs. Williams had been living with her son, at whose home she passed away. She was an active member of the United Daughters of the Confederacy and of the Shiloh monument committee.

*Ann Rawlings Waters Williams, daughter of Edward G. Rawlings ID # 250122 and Margaret Grundy Rawlings ID # 250123, was the granddaughter of The Hon. Felix Grundy and his wife Ann Phillips Grundy. 

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