20082 Mrs. Mary Macon Bryan – Tombstone Inscription

Bryan, Mary Macon Cannon
Section 2
ID # 20082

1909 List: Mary Macon Bryant
              Section 2 Lot 3
              Lot owner Wm. P. Bryant
(Smith) 1908: Mrs. Mary Macon Bryant
Section 2 Lot 3 purchased by Wm. P. Bryan,
May 24, 1848, enlarged in 1849 & 1850
Interment Book: 5-23-1848
              Mrs. Mary M. Bryan 24 Years
              Wife of Col. Wm. P. Bryan
No Inscription could be read in 1971 or 2005
Single Monument on lot in 2005

Obituary (partial): Mary Macon Bryan, the daughter of the late Gov. Newton Cannon, was born March 27, 1824. Wife of Col. Wm. P. Bryan. She died May 20, 1848, at age 24 years. She left her husband and a small son.

Reburial at Mt. Olivet
Mt. Olivet Burial Records:
May 7, 1866 Mrs. Mary Macon Bryan
              On Col. Wm. P. Bryan Lot
              Transferred from the City graveyard

Report March 2013

Biography for Mary Macon Cannon Bryan

After 2009 Restoration
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May 23, 1848