Thomas and Eliza Griffin – Tombstone Inscriptions

Griffin, Thomas and Eliza
Section 24
ID # 240047

Thomas Griffin and Eliza Griffin
Erected by Jackson Griffin, late
of Darby County Down Ireland
in memory of his son Thomas
who departed this life 25 June
1850, age 20, also his beloved
wife Eliza, eldest daughter of
William Johnson, Esquire, of
Warren County Down Ireland,
departed this life 7 Oct. 1851,
age 34.

This tombstone inscription was not identified
on 1908 Plat but was recorded by Garrett (1971).
Perhaps a second tombstone for Thomas &
Eliza Griffin. The ID numbers may be reversed
for the three Grriffin markers.

See ID # 240045 Griffin, Thomas
See ID # 240046 Griffin, Eliza

Tombstone Research Data on Names and Dates: 2016

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