J.K.P. – Tombstone Inscriptions

Polk, James K. (J.K.P.)
Section 25.2
ID # 250135  

J. K. P.
Erected 2015

Until the later 1920’s, a marker inscribed “J.K.P.” was located on the Grundy lot at City Cemetery to show the initial burial site for President James K. Polk.

A new marker inscribed “J.K.P.” was placed at City Cemetery during September 2015.  President Polk was initially buried in the Grundy lot on June 16, 1849.  Eleven months later, reburial took place at his home, “Polk Place,” on the completion of the monument designed by William Strickland.   Many years later, in 1893, President and Mrs. Polk’s graves and the monument were relocated to the grounds of the State Capitol.

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