Cynthia Porter – Tombstone Inscription

Porter, Cynthia
Section 28.3
ID # 280055

My Nurse
Cynthia Porter
Oct. 10,1866
Aged About
60 Years

Recorded 2005

1908 Plat: Cynthia Porter Died 1866
        Section 28 C
Smith (1908) & Garrett (1971)
Listed: Cynthia Porter 1797-1866
2005 Survey complete inscription
    as recorded above
Interment: 10-11-1866
        Cynthia Furgerson

Re-visited 2012

Research Findings on Cynthia Porter/Furgerson

City Cemetery Interment Books reveal there are only three women with name “Cynthia” and only one of these was African American woman whose last name was Furgerson, aged about 80 years who died of Cholera & was buried October 11, 1866. The burial date is one day later than the death date shown on the tombstone for Cynthia Porter.

Questions: Had she been a nurse in the Porter family? Who placed the marker?

Updated Report March 2013

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After 2009 Restoration
Restored Cynthia Porter Tombstone
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