Hill, Infant – Tombstone Inscriptions

Hill, Infant
Son of Jane and Samuel
Section 28.52
ID # 280193

Hill, Infant
Died 1837
Son of Jane Ann
and Samuel

1908 Plat: Hill (Inf) 1837
       Section 28 SE Lot 56
1909 List: Hill, infant
       Section 28 SE Lot 56
       Lot owner Hill
Smith (1908): Hill (infant)
Garrett (1971): Hill (infant)
       Died 1837
       Son of Jane Ann and Samuel
Lot Card: Lot bought No date
       by Samuel Hill
       Listed Hill (inf); Hill (inf);
       Hill, E.; Hill, J.A.; Hill, Samuel;
       W.H.; Brown, M. (1808-1872)

Tombstone Research Data on Names and Dates: 2016

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