Ann Roane – Tombstone Inscriptions

Roane, Ann

Section 28.51

ID # 280239


Ann Roane

Relict of the late

Judge Rone

Died April 1851*

Aged 72 Years

She lived & died

a Christian



Alphabetical List of the Dead: Section 28 SE Lot 39 Lot Owner Mr. Putnam

*Death date incorrectly carved on her tombstone. “1851” was read by Smith (1908) & by Garrett (1971) & in 2006. Family histories of Ann and her husband Archibald Roane, second Governor of Tennessee, list her death year as 1831. Her obituary on April 22, 1831, in the local Nashville newspaper, reported her death at her son’s home in Nashville. Her husband had died in 1819 and was buried in Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Knox County, Tennessee.

Obituary April 22, 1831

After 2008 Restoration

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