Anthony Foster – Tombstone Inscription


Foster, Anthony
Section 28.52
ID # 280278 

This monument
Is erected
To the memory of
Anthony Foster
One of the Oldest Inhabitants of Nashville
Who died on the 8th of April 1825
Aged 60 Years
Who lived without reproach until his death
Without Fear

After Restoration.  Re-visited 11-21-2013
Inscription legible as written above

1908 Plat: A. Foster Died 1825
                Section 28 SE Lot 41
1909 List: A. Foster Section 28 SE Lot 41
Smith (1908); Anthony Foster Died 1825 60 Years in April

Report: 11-25-2013

After 2009 Restoration

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Anthony Foster of Nashville (1765-1825) did not serve in the Revolution. His father Anthony Foster (1740-1816), a Revolutionary War soldier, his wife Virginia Rose (Rosie) Coleman Foster (1742-1816) are buried at Old Volney, near Olmstead, Logan County, Kentucky.
       Anthony Foster’s Will, Logan County, Kentucky, November 1, 1816, listed his living children: Edmund, Thomas, Patsy, Anthony, Sally, Hannah, Roza & Elizabeth.
    [Source: Judy Lyne, Archivist, Logan County Archives, KY.]

Anthony Foster’s Will. Davidson County, TN. Recorded June 8, 1825
    Will Book 8 (1821-1826), Pages 449-450
(In part) “…I desire that my Brother Robert Foster shall execute this Will… Shall proceed to sell at Public or private sale all my property of every Description both personal & Real… After such Sale I then Will that from the Proceeds all my Just Debts be paid and Discharged … And Lastly after payment of all Debts & Deducting a Liberal Allowance to my Executor… I then Bequeath that all the Residue of money and bonds from such Sales be divided into two Equal parts, one half of which I Bequeath to my Step Son Richard Winn the only son of my late Departed wife Mrs. Eleanor Foster to him and his heirs forever – The other half of my said Estate money or bonds I Bequeath Equal Shares and Portions to the Daughters of my sister Mrs. Patsy Gray and my Brother Edmund Foster who at the time of my Death be living and unmarried – to all of them in Equal proportionals…“