Robert Smiley – Tombstone Inscription

Smiley, Robert
Section 28.51
ID # 280459 

In Memory of
Robert Smiley
Citizen of the Town of Nashville
Who was born in
On the 11th September 1783
& died on the 11th of September 1823
aged 40 Years 

In the full triumph of Christian faith
In the last hour of his departure
He offered these words
            All is peace within me
Peace with my God & Peace with the world
 Behold the upright man sees his end. 

1908 Plat: R. Smiley Died 1823
                Section 28 NE Lot 58
Smith 1908 & Garrett: Same as Recorded 2005
   except neither source listed the Epitaph

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After 2009 Restoration

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