Eliza, Wm. C., Elizabeth S., John A. Webber – Tombstone Inscriptions

Eliza Webber; Wm. C. Webber;
Elizabeth S. Webber; John A.
Section 28.1
ID # 280538

Eliza Webber 1823-1823
Wm. C. Webber 1821-1822
Elizabeth S. Webber 1822-1823
John A. Webber 1824-1825

1908 Plat: Names as listed above
Smith (1908): Names as listed above

Note: Only Elizabeth S. Webber was read in 2005.
Also the ID#s were reversed for headstone and
footstone.The above information is a 2016 update.
Below is the information included in 2005 and 2009.

Elizabeth S.

(Rest of inscription cracked off)

Died Oct. 1st 1823
Aged 1 Year 12 Days

1908 Plat: Elizabeth S. Webber 1822-1823
       Section 28 NW
1909 List: Lot listed as Lot 31
Recorded 2005 with Additions (Smith 1908 & Garrett)

Tombstone Research Data on Names and Dates: 2016

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After 2009 Restoration

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