Williamson Hartley Horn – Tombstone Inscription


Horn, Williamson Hartley
Section 28.1
ID # 280545


Hartley Horn
Born in
Lynchburg, Va.
July 15, 1799
Died in
Mar. 8, 1870

Interment Index: 3-10-1870 W. H. Horn
Garrett: Same as Recorded 2005

After 2008 Restoration

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Williamson Hartley Horn
Mayor of the City of Nashville

Williamson Hartley Horn was born on July 15, 1799 in Lynchburg, Virginia, the son of Frederick Horn and Clarisa Hartley Horn. The family moved to Nashville in 1809. Mr. Horn married Nancy F. Carpenter on February 2, 1817 in Nashville. The couple had six children: Caroline, Ed, Richard, Fletcher, Charles, and Nancy.

Horn was the proprietor of W. H. Horn and Son, a painting shop and provider of painters’ materials. His shop was located at 15 South College Street, currently Third Avenue.  His residence was located above his business.

Horn served on the Nashville Board of Alderman from 1845-46, 1852, 1856, 1859, and in 1860. He was elected Mayor in 1853. One of the more outstanding accomplishments during his service to the city was the introduction of the bill that resulted in the establishment of a system of free public schools in Nashville.

An active member of the Masonic organization, in 1826, Horn became a Master Mason in the Cumberland Lodge. Additionally he was a Knight Templar, a Knight of Malta, and Grand Treasurer of the Grand Chapter, Council and Commandery.

Horn died on March 10, 1870 from consumption. His funeral was held the following day at Christ Church, Episcopal, by the Reverend Doctor William J. Ellis, the Rector of the church. He is buried at the historic Nashville City Cemetery.

Research completed by LaQuita V. Martin, a Public Service Management graduate student at Cumberland University.

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