George Thomas Bowen – Tombstone Inscription

Bowen, George Thomas
Section 28.4
ID # 280664 

George Thomas Bowen
Son of
Ephraim & Sarah Bowen
Born in Providence, R.I.
March 19, 1803
Rudimented under Dr. Abbot
at Phillips Academy, Exeter, N.H.
Graduated at Yale College, Sept. 1822
Studied Medicine three years in
The University of Pennsylvania
Chosen Professor of Chem in the
Nashville University Nov. 4, 1824
Died of Consumption Oct. 25, 1825
A Gentleman. A Scholar. A Christian. 

1908 Plat: Prof. Geo. T. Bowen 1803-1825
               Section 28 NE Lot 102 

Recorded 2005

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After 2009 Restoration

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