William Snead, Jr. – Tombstone Inscription

Snead, William, Jr.
Section 28.2
ID # 280770 

Sacred to the Memory of
William Snead, Jr.
Late of Lynchburgh, Virginia
Departed this life September 14th1827
Aged 22 Years 

By a numerous circle of friends
� memorial of their�
combining all the good qualities of the
convivial manners of the Gentleman.
Hiss Loss is deeply and � lamented. 

Tho gone from friends that he adored
And friends that loved him dearly
He breathes we hope celestial joy
(As) he wanders heavenly spheres 

Smith 1908 & Garrett: Epitaph not listed
Recorded 2005 with Addition (Smith 1908 & Garrett)

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After 2009 Restoration

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