Duncan Robertson – Tombstone Inscription

Robertson, Duncan
Section 28.51
ID # 280780 

To the Memory of
Duncan Robertson
A Native of Scotland and a Resident
Of the United State 43 Years
Who died at Nashville the 1st May
1833 in the 63rd Year of his Age. 

The Citizens of Nashville have erected this
His loss will be long and severely felt
and his place will not be soon or eas-
ily supplied. Always first and best
in ever work and philanthropy and bene-
ficence. To do good to his fellow men
entirely forgetful of himself seemed
to be the great object of his life.
In the dungeon of the forsaken pris-
oner, at the bedside of the wretched
and friendless, and in the abode of
poverty and distress, was he almost
constantly found.
In imitation of the example of
His Divine Master, he literally
went about doing good.
No personal sacrifice was too great
for him to make when the calls
of benevolence demanded it. 

He was not only willing but active
and efficient in every work of charity
and disinterested beneficence. Such a
man is among the wonders of the age, a
blessing to any community, and his
memory should be embalmed in the
grateful recollections of his
contemporaries and preserved for the
gratitude and veneration of posterity. 

1908 Plat: D. Robertson Died 1833
                Section 28 NE Lot 57
Smith 1908 & Garrett: Same as Recorded 2005
  except neither source listed the Epitaph

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After 2009 Restoration

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