Captain Thomas Gilbert – Tombstone Inscription

Gilbert, Thomas, Captain
Section 28.2
ID # 280791

Captain Thomas Gilbert
Died January 14, 1862
Aged 72 Years

Base of obelisk only. No inscription

1908 Plat: Capt. T. Gilbert Died 1862
1909 List: Section 28 NE Lot 59/60
Smith (1908): Capt. Thomas Gilbert
       Died January 14, 1862
       Aged 72 Years
Interment Book: 2-14-1862
       Capt. Thos. Gilbert
       72 Years Old Ground
       An old Pioneer Steamboat man

Note: Interment Book: Listed William Gilbert, son of Capt. Thos. Gilbert, 27 Years, Oak avenue. 1908 Plat identified his tombstone above his father’s. GSI Survey did not find a tombstone for Wm. Gilbert in this area in 2001.

Survey Visit: 5-6-2015

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