Mr. Kirby – Tombstone Inscriptions

Kirby, Mr.
Section 28.2
ID # 280832

Mr. Kirby

1908 Plat: Mr. Kirby
       Section 28 NE Lot 6
1909 List: Mr. Kirby
       Section 28 NE Lot 6
       Lot owner Mr. Kirby
Smith (1908): Mr. Kirby
Lot Card: Lot bought July 31, 1844; May 25, 1846
       Lots 5 and 6
       by Mr. John Kirby
       Listed Kirby, Mr.; Kirby, Irvin G.;
       Kirby, John M.; Kirby, L.R.;
       Kirby, Sarah J.; Kirby, Suzanne C.;
       Kirby, William B.; Powell, Elias K.;
       Roler, Elizabeth D.; Roler, Margaret F.

Tombstone Research Data on Names and Dates: 2016

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