Mayor Thomas B. Coleman – Tombstone Inscriptions

Thomas B. Coleman

Section 28.52

ID# 281036

Mayor of Nashville
Died December 5

Note: Replacement cedar head piece dedicated April 9, 2011



1909 Alphabetical List of the Dead
Section 28 SE Lot 49 Lot Owner T.B. Coleman
C – T.B. C – M. M – T. (surname initial listed first)

1908 Plat Map Section 28 SE Lot 49 10 x 36
T.B.C. M.C. T.M. Note: On 1908 Plat, the graves in the Coleman Lot were marked with initials. In 1914, on Charles Marlin “List of Notables,”
published in Mrs. Acklen’s Tombstone Inscriptions & Manuscripts, 1933, p. 8.
       “T. B. Coleman, son of Joseph Coleman,
       Mayor of Nashville 1842. Cedar head piece.”
Note: Unknown if all three graves on the Coleman lot had cedar head pieces.

Thomas B. Coleman
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