Elias Polk – Tombstone Inscription

Polk, Elias
Section 28.52
ID # 281111

Elias Polk
Born 1806
Mecklenburg Co., NC
Died Dec. 30, 1886
Washington, D.C.

Mary Polk #281112
Wife of Elias Polk
1845 – 1888
Nashville, TN

Interment: February 13, 1887
           Elyas [sic] Polk
           Male Black 81 Years
           Oak avenue
           Grave on Elyas Polk & Shelton Lot

Interment: August 23, 1888
           Mary Polk
           Female Black 43 Years
           85 feet South of Oak avenue
           Wife of Elias Polk
           Buried on John M. Shelton lot

Death occurred in Washington, D.C. Mrs. Polk received a telegram at her home “Polk Place,” in Nashville on Thursday, December 30, 1886, announcing the death of Elias Polk in Washington. (Daily Advocate, Baton Rouge, La.). Obituary in The New York Times, December 31, 1886. Private funds had to be raised to send the remains to Nashville which delayed the burial until February 13, 1887.

No tombstone identified for Elias Polk & Mary Polk in 1908 Survey of Sections, Lots and Tombstones by F.R.R. Smith.

Replacement tombstones 2016 and 2017

Prepared by Fletch Coke 10-8-2016

Elias Polk

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