Hon. John Leake Marling – Tombstone Inscriptions

Marling, Hon. John Leake
Section 28.52
ID # 281115

Hon. John Leake Marling
Born December 22, 1825
Died October 16, 1856
Minister to Guatemala

Interment: October 17, 1856
       Hon. John L. Marling
       30 Years
       Buried near Central Avenue
       Minister to Guatemala
Smith (1908): Joseph Leake Marling
       Minister to Guatemala
Garrett (1971): Honorable John Leake Marling
       Born in Nashville, Tennessee
       U.S. Minister to Guatemala,
       Central America

Burial Site: See 1908 Plat of Section 28 SE Lot 62 (28.52).
       Probable burial place in the lot with his mother Clara Cole.

       John L. Marling. Son of Samuel and Charlotte (Leake) Marling. He married in 1850 to Mary March. He was a lawyer, newspaper editor, U.S. Minister to Guatemala (1854-1856). Source: “The Political Graveyard”
       His mother was a noted Southern poet, who went by the name of Clara Cole. She is buried at City Cemetery Section 28.52 ID# 280207 (28 SE Lot 62) near Central avenue. Her marker was recorded in the 1908 Survey of Sections, Lots and Tombstone Inscriptions. It would appear that her son’s marker was misread in 1908 as “J.W. Marlin 1825-1885.” No one named Marlin or Marling was buried at City Cemetery in 1885.
       Marling and Felix Zollicoffer, both newspaper editors, had a duel on August 1, 1852. Neither were killed.
       Two obituaries appeared in Nashville Republican Banner, October 17, 1856. The funeral was held at the First Baptist Church. The Masonic Fraternity was invited to attend the funeral.

Prepared by Fletch Coke 10/7/2016

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