John Conrad Wetterou – Tombstone Inscriptions

Wetterau, John Conrad

Section 29.2

ID# 290085

In Memory of
John Conrad Wetterau
Born April 23, 1826 in
Nenterhausen en Hesse Cassel
Died Oct. 5, 1860

After Restoration. Re-visited 11-21-2013
Inscription legible as written above

1908 Plat: Jno. C. Wetterou 1826-160
     Secton 29 Lot 20
1909 Alphabetical List of the Dead:
     John C. Wetterou Section 29M Lot 20
     Lot Owner: Mrs. Louise Fehr
Lot Card: Lot purchased by Mrs. Luisa Crutchfield Fehr
     10X30. Lot purchased June 28, 1854
Interment Book: 10-6-1860 C. Weteran

Report: 11-25-2013

After 2008 Restoration

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