B.F and Sarah Cockrill – Tombstone Inscriptions

Cockrill, B. F., Col.

Cockrill, Sarah Foster

Section 29.2

ID# 290143


Col. B. F. Cockrill

Nov. 1, 1832

Apr. 28, 1903


His Wife

Sarah Foster Cockrill

Oct. 20, 1836

Nov. 12, 1902


Recorded 2005
Birth date for B. F. Cockrill corrected after restoration

In 1902, Col. B. F. Cockrill and his wife Sarah Foster Cockrill were living in the old brick home, called Travellers Rest, built by James Robertson. This was thought to be the first brick house in Tennessee. The property passed from James Robertson to his sister Ann Robertson Cockrill, to their son Mark Robertson Cockrill to his son B.F. Cockrill. To read the entire article about the this house and the fire which destroyed it, by Emma Look Scott, in Nashville Daily News, September, 27, 1902, go to Robertson, James ID # 280044 and click on For More Information.

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After 2008 Restoration

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