Fanny White – Tombstone Inscriptions

White, Fanny
Section 30
ID # 300010

1908 Plat: Fanny White
1971 Inscription:
       Fanny White

1908 Plat Map, during the first survey of City Cemetery, identified 57 tombstones with names or initials in Section
30. In the 19th century, Section 30 was called the “Negro lot.”

2005 GSI Survey of City Cemetery identified only 28 tombstones still standing in Section 30, with only 9
tombstones having legible inscriptions.

2018. Through study of City Cemetery 1908 Plat Maps of Sections, Lots & Tombstones prepared by Engineer F.R.R. Smith, Alphabetical List of the Dead 1909, Interment Books
and Inscriptions recorded in 1908 (Smith) and 1971 (Garrett), names on the other 19 tombstones have been determined.

29 people with tombstones in 1908 but not in 2005

Prepared by Fletch Coke March 16, 2018

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