Salley Acklen – Tombstone Inscription

Acklen, Salley
Section 30
ID # 300031

Salley Acklen
Buried March 21, 1862
23 Years
Slave of Jos. A.S. Acklen

Interment: March 21, 1862
           23 Years of Age
           Female Black
           Residence: Country
           Buried in Negro lot
           Servant of Col. Jos. A.S. Acklen

No tombstone identified for Salley in the 1908 Survey of Sections, Lots & Tombstones by F.R.R. Smith.

According to Mark Brown, Executive Director at Belmont, Salley was a slave at Belmont, the country residence of Adelicia and Joseph A.S. Acklen.

Replacement tombstone – 2016

Prepared by Fletch Coke 10-8-2016

London Acklen

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