John Sevier – Tombstone Inscription

Sevier, John
Section 3
ID # 30030


Historical Stone Marker
Erected by A. W. Putnam


Noble and successful defender of the early
settlers of Tennessee. The First and
for Twelve years Governor; Representative in
Congress; Commissioner in Many Treaties with
the Indians.  He served his Country for
Forty years faithfully and usefully and in
her service died.

Admirer of Patriotism and Merit
Unequalled erects this.



John Sevier died on September 24, 1815,
while on a mission in the Alabama Territory
to establish the Creek boundary.  He was
buried on the eastern bank of the

TallapossaRiver near Decatur.


Recorded 2005

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written by Gordon Belt.

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After 2009 Restoration

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