Whiteman Vault – Tombstone Inscription

Whiteman Vault 

Section 5 
ID # 50031 

Whiteman Vault Top (2005)
Section 5  Lot 6 Magnolia & Willow  (1908 Plat Map)

Whiteman Vault was identified on Charles Marlin’s 1914 List.

City Cemetery Interment Books (1846-1979)
City Cemetery opened 1822. Burial records begin 1846.

Those identified as interred in the Whiteman vault and lot:

Fisher, Emmer, Mrs.
10-26-1865. Fisher, Emmer, Mrs. Age 19
Residence: City 
Remarks: In W. S. Whitemans Vault

Haslum Infant
8-2-1859. Infant.
Residence: City
Remarks: Child of C. Haslum, Whitemans Vault

Lawrence, Mattie L.
2-21-1913. Lawrence, Mattie L. Age 46 
Residence: City
Remarks: Whiteman vault lot, in same grave with child

Whiteman, Child of A. G.
9-2-1877. Child of A. G.
Residence: City
Remarks: deposited in family vault

Whiteman, Infant of W. S.
12-20-1873. Infant of W. S. Whiteman
Residence: City 
Remarks: Family vault. Daughter of W. S. Whiteman

Whiteman, L., Mrs.
6-10-1909.  Whiteman, Mrs. L. Age 65 
Residence: City 
Remarks: Wife of W. S. Whiteman, dec., vault lot

Whiteman, M. S., Mrs.
7-6-1878. Whiteman, Mrs. M. S. Age 38
Residence: City
Remarks: deposited in Whiteman family vault

Whiteman, W. S.
8-27-1888. Whiteman, W. S. Age 80
Residence: City 
Remarks: on Whitemans vault lot

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