African-American Interments

African-Americans Interred in Nashville City Cemetery
recorded in the Interment Records Volumes IV-VI – 1846-1979.

I. Names of African Americans Buried Between 1846-1979
II. African-Americans Buried Between 1846-1879 Whose Names are Unknown
III. Slaves Buried Between 1846-1865
IV. Free African-Americans Buried 1846-1865
V.  African-Americans not Identified as Free or Slave Buried Between 1846-1865
VI. Names of African-Americans Buried After the Civil War

African-Americans with tombstones still readable in 2005 survey. CLICK HERE to access this listing.

African-Americans with tombstones listed in 1908 and 1971 – These tombstones were not located during the 2005 cemetery survey.  CLICK HERE to access this listing.