African American Tombstones from 1908 & 1971

prepared by Fletch Coke 6-6-2009

Note to Readers.
This listing has been compiled from many research resources. Visit the Tutorial to learn more about these resources which can be accessed on the NCCA web site. Over the years, many tombstones at City Cemetery have been lost to time and to weather. Since the opening of the cemetery in 1822, there have been 20,000 interments. In 2005, a survey was made and the tombstone inscriptions were recorded. Of the 3,000 tombstones still standing in the cemetery in 2005, only 2,000 tombstones had readable inscriptions.

The first African American listed in the earliest Interment Book (no burial records exist between 1822-1846) was Fanny Parrish, the wife of Frank Parrish, who was buried on January 6, 1846. In the late 19th century, removals were made from the City Cemetery to other cemeteries in the area. The remains of the Rev. Nelson Merry family (African Americans) re-interred at Mt. Ararat Cemetery. The last interment of an African American at City Cemetery took place on January 31, 1945, for John Henry Stevenson.

Persons with additional information about any of the people listed with tombstone inscriptions, recorded in 2005, are encouraged to send an email to the NCCA web site.