Watkins, Abernathy and Baxter


Baxter Vault, Nashville City Cemetery

Section 7 Lot 3 (1908 Plat Map)
Section 8 ID # 70023 (2005) Baxter-Watkins Monument located on Robert Baxter Lot. Elm avenue near corner of Gulley avenue

Baxter Vault was listed on Charles Marlin’s 1814 List.

Robert Baxter* Lot 40 x 40
On this lot is a large monument. On the 1908 Plat, the monument was shown enclosed by border lines and names were written around the monument, indicating possibly burials in the Baxter vault. There are also other tombstones on this lot.

City Cemetery Interment Books (1846-1979)
City Cemetery opened 1822. Burial records begin 1846.

Baxter, Abernathy and Watkins family members were listed in the interment Books with burials on the Robert Baxter Lot. One person was listed as buried in the Baxter Family Vault: 12-6-1859 Robert Baxter* Age 37. The names surrounding the Baxter monument on the 1908 Plat Map were Robert & his wife Rebecca Baxter, Ann Louise Baxter Abernathy, Stephen Dupree Watkins, Mary Doran Watkins and Robert Mansel Watkins. Their names are also inscribed on the monument.

After 2009 Restoration

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Note on Interment Records: There are gaps in what can be learned from the City Cemetery Interment Books. The Interment Books did not record removals from the City Cemetery nor the re-burials from family graveyards to the City Cemetery. And some interments were not listed in the Interment Books, especially during times of epidemics when there were many daily burials. Other sources, such as church funeral registers, family Bible records and obituaries, can be helpful.

Persons with family history, records and obituaries are encouraged to email the City Cemetery at info@thenashvillecitycemetery.org.

Report: 1-15-2010